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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  March 31, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> good afternoon. san francisco's police chief is not going to take it anymore. what he's promising to do in the wake of allegations of misconduct by the public defending. i'm live in oakland where students have been chanting yes, you can in spanish. what it means and what they're fight for, coming up. >> we have not had a big rain like that since "82. despite the beautiful weather today, there are
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leftover issues including landslide dangers. that's next on channel 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon. we begin with a growing feud between the san francisco police department and the public defender's office. this follows another drug case tossed out by a court. claudine wong has the latest on what the police chief said. >> reporter: tory, it appears gauntlet is down between the public defender's office and police headquarters. there was a news conference and by the police chief and said he will defend his officers. he said the department is unfairly under attack and he won't take it anymore. this video was released yesterday in a press conference by the public defender. it shows undercover narcotic officers on a drug bust. that led to the dismissal of
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the case and the public defender said it's evidence that the officers lied about how that search was conducted. but the chief said he saw nothing wrong with the video and he disagrees with the judge's decision and said the public defender is trying to paint the whole department with a broad brush of misconduct. today the chief took a stand. >> i'm not going to stand here and not defend the people that work on this department. i refuse to do that from this point. as long as i'm chief of this position, it could be for another hour. i don't know. i'm going to stand up here and defend this department. >> reporter: there is an ongoing federal investigation into another series of video- related issues out of the southern station. the chief said this is different because in this case he knees misconduct and the officer remain at work. the captain of the richmond station where the officers work also went on to say this operation was well-planned and well supervise and said if his
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mom called police, these are the guys he would want to show up. claudine wong, channel 2 news. >> thank you. late this morning, we learned san francisco police reopened the lanes on city boulevard after a damaged street light pole forced them to divert traffic. an accident near california street left the pole dangling dangerously and that led them to close all of the southbound lanes and divert it to lake and clement streets. we learned just minute ago the pole has been repaired and all traffic is now back to normal. a special meeting is getting started right now as the city of san pablo is close to declaring local state of emergency in response to the landslides that forced people out of their homes. last week, heavy rain soaked the hillside between wyman street and hill crest road. at least six homes were affected. right now it's considered unsafe to live in two of them.
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by declaring a state of emergency, the city will have access to government fund and can start to rebuild. in mountain view, torrents of rain left three families live in hotels because of the landslide that washed away their backyards. their homes were red-tagged at the sahara village mobile home park because they're in danger of fall into stevens creek. neighbors said a week ago the creek overflowed its banks and washed away as much as 15 feet of land. that left patios hanging over the edge for some residents while others escaped damage and feel little need for concern. >> the big rain is over for this year. we haven't had a big rain like that since "82 and in ú82, nothing happened so we're really not worried. >> the owners of the park have been talking to the santa clara water district about put in a retaining wall but the creek is on private property so the mobile park owners are responsible for building any kind of a wall. the american red cross is offering to help the eight
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families living near a landslide in america close. the relief agency is offering shelter, supplies, and health services. a huge wall of mud forced four families out of their homes on carson street. four others have restricted access. on tuesday night the city council declared local emergency. in pleasant santon, police report a happy ending after a little boy was found wandering alone outside a wal-mart store at 3:00 a.m. police said the toddler was wearing just a the shirt and diapers. officers say he has not learned to talk yet but was smiling a lot so he wasn't upset. a wal-mart manager found the boy when he stepped outside to take a break. he called police and officers took the child into protective custody into they got a frantic call from his mother about 6:00 a.m. she and the boy had just moved in across the street to an apartment designed for someone in a wheelchair. >> the door handle's positioned relatively low on the door and
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the deadbolt was released by depressing the handle. the child was able to do that and get out. >> police said the boy crossed six lanes of a normally-busy street. fortunately there's not much traffic at that time in the morning. now, the june special election to extend taxes won't happen. california schools could face tremendous budget cuts. public schools could lose up to $1,000 per student, 30 days of their school year, or face bankruptcy. governor brown is considering an initiative to put the taxes on the november ballot but delaying the budget until then could damage the state's credit rating and create a state-wide stoppage of public works projects. california community colleges plan to slash enroll expect eliminate classes to deal with more funding cuts. the 112-campus community college system faces a 10% drop in funding. that's $800 million less than was allocated for the current school year. officials say it could be
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forced to cut enrollment by 400,000 students and drop thousands of classes around the state. they have no idea how much money they will get from the state at this point now that budget negotiations stalled and they from have to plan for the worst. and student in the mount diablo district may have to take extra days off this spring because of cuts. the teachers union voted yesterday to take three furlough days in may. the money saved is expected to go toward maintaining library, music, and friday cal education programs. the board is expected to vote next month. today would have been the 84th birthday of the late activist caesar chavez. tara moriarty explains why students are youing this day to hold a rally. tara? >> reporter: well, we're here off international boulevard near the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station and students took off on their march. you can a barely make out their posters as they move on international. normally when you do a march
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you need your mega phone and tennis shoes but at least one student brought his saxophone. ♪ >> reporter: that's because this group is trying to send the message that music and arts programs are on the chopping block at oakland schools and need to be saved. activists said it's caesar chavez day or day of dignity as it's called, the it's the perfect opportunity to highlight every person's right to education. >> it builds up your confidence, ability to think, everyone think and the community will be robbed of brilliant young people's strength if the programs don't continue. >> reporter: now, students are also demanding that the oakland unified school district rescind more than 500 layoff notices issued to teachers and support staff. activists want to bring attention to the california dream act that would provide aid to immigrant student who want to go to college.
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now, the march just started, as we mentioned, and folks will wind down three to four miles worth of streets until they reach city hall, spreading music and message of hope for change. live in oakland, tara moriarty, channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. state offices are closed today for the holiday. that is also true for some bay area city offices. among them, san jose and oakland, oakland schools are also closed, oakland city offices and schools will be closed tomorrow in a money- saving move. the prosecution might be close to wrapping up its case in the barry bonds perjury trial. two of the three final witnesses testify this morning. bond' orthopedic surgeon took the stand and contradicted earlier testimony from bond' former business manager who said he had talked with the surgeon about bonds' steroid use. after him, bonds' former personal shopper she saw the personal trainer inject bond in the belly button before the
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2002 season. the final prosecution witness will be a drug-testing expert. you can get updates any time on our channel 2 website, click on "the bonds trial" tab. we'll show you the people who won the mega millions jackpot. and san francisco officials are thinking about how to handle the traffic jam when the america's cup comes to town. our meteorologist will tell fuss the nice bay area weather will break records today. also -- >> this is an honor that extend across the entire organization. the news came out recently. a distinguished award for a bay area radio station run by young people.
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renewable energy came to the city of alameda's library. a crane lifted solar panels where they will soon be installed the city paid for the panel with a federal grant and with rebates through the municipal power company. the city-owned power company gets more than 80% of its power from clean and renewable sources. the contra costa sheriff's department is investigating a deadly shooting last night in north richmond. investigators say someone shot
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and killed 22-year-old jerry owens of san pablo in front of a home on third street. another gunshot victim was found inside that home. he was taken to john muir medical center in walnut creek where he is in stable condition. investigators are trying to determine if last night's shooting is related to the one at third street and grove avenue the night before. so far they have no suspects. a new blow to the libyan regime. a second senior official for moammar gadhafi resigned, signaling weakness at the top. the top libyan diplomat at the u.n. said most high-ranking officials are trying to defect but they're under such tight security they have difficulty leaving country. [ gunshots ] and colonel gadhafi's troops have been enjoying success on the battlefield. they forced opposition fighters to retreat for a third straight day. the obama administration revealed today that cia operatives were sent to eastern
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libya while the white house debate will to supply arms to the opposition. that was one ofic of discussion on capitol hill as lawmakers grilled robert gates on the role in libya. gates said no decision has been made on whether to arm the rebels while lawmakers on both sides insist it would be a bad idea. they're also concerned about a possible u.s. land invasion but gates insist that will not happen as long as he is in charge. french president sarkozy became the first world leader to visit japan since the disaster that began with an off- shore earthquake. he arrived today along with nuclear experts to help assess the situation at the fukushima power plant. nuclear power supplies 75% of the energy used in france. in the meantime, workers are frapping with dangerously- contaminated water at the plant. levels of radioactive iodine in ground water underneath the reaction yarr for the are more
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than 10,000 times legal limb and sea water off the coast gets more than 4,000 times the legal limit. today is the last day to help with the san jose fundraiser for victims of japan's earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster. more than a dozen santana row businesses and south bay real estate company will wrap up their campaign today. 10% of all sales at the store will go to relief efforts and federal realty is matching amount raised. one business, the vintage wine bar, is donating 25% of its total sales. an oakland-based program to teach young people about broadcast journalism has won one of the industry's most prestigious awards. youth radio bay area was announced as one of the recipients of the george foster peabody awart for its investigation into child sex trafficking. youth radio's senior producer said the award is a tribute to the entire organization. >> it was a product of the newsroom that was totally
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supported, generated, and cultivated through the fact we're a part of a larger youth organization with a health department, with a community -- you know, a community serviceman date. >> over the past two decades, youth radio won other awards like the edward r. murrow and the dupont award. the winter sports season is extend into the summer. the near-record snowfall of 61 feet means some sierra ski resorts are open longer. so far squaw valley is expanding through memorial day and mammoth plans to remain open through july 4. most of the other resorts will be open at least through easter weekend. sunny and warm, although there are some subtle hints of a little change for a few but it's blue skies, everybody. coast inland on this. the last hour, hayward was 76. this hour, they're 71. they had a north wind last now
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and now it's west wind. mountain view, 77. 75 livermore. fairfield, 71 and 75 in san francisco so it's still warm but a north wind in vacaville, north-northeast fairfield, north at concord but santa rosa is west at 3, oakland west at 12, sfo north-northwest at 5 and i mentioned westerly breeze at hayward so those close to the coast starting to pick up -- closer, i should say -- maybe a westerly wind to cut the heat off. as long as you have that northern breeze, also an easterly breeze towards san jose and mountain view, the temperature will go up. it's been a warm week. we topped out for some yesterday and for others, today. a possibility of more records. we had six yesterday and would not be surprise to see more. if the westerly wind shows itself, then we'll be done. but there's sunshine for everybody and way don't have to worry about anything until saturday. it will turn significantly colder and windier by then but until then, we have sunshine. tomorrow, though, we'll see a little increase in some of the
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westerly breeze and maybe some patchy fog. today, it's sunshine and warm weather, 70 and 80s. clear and very mild, balmy conditions this morning. we're looking at that system approaching into saturday. we'll see clouds return now. there's a possibility of some light rain but it's going to be clouds and breezy to windy and highs will tumble a good 20 degrees compare to where they are today. if you like the sunshine, enjoy it today, sunny and warm. records are possible. an easterly breeze. east bay and south bay -- peninsula, north bay and closer to the bay, the wind is turning westerly. low-to-mid- 80s for some but others, 70s. it's still nice but by tomorrow, we'll have coastal fog and cooler temperatures. but today, temperatures upper 70s, low 80s. these are good 15 or 20 degrees above average, tory, so you know it can't last. tomorrow, we will transition to breezy and sunny. it looks warmer on monday. however, cold and rainy again
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next week. >> really? wow. >> there are signs of it happening middle into next week. >> a little teaser of summer. >> yes, we are. last day of march. >> okay, thank you, steve. >> you bet. the champions of major league baseball open their new season this evening. the san francisco giants play the dodgers in los angeles starting at 5:00. however, you can catch the excitement of opening day right here at home with hundreds of your fellow giants fans. you can go to at&t park and watch on the big screen if you're willing to pay $45. the money will go to charity. the oakland as open at home tomorrow night against the seattle mariners. giants pitcher zito plans to be with the team for tonight's season-opener. he was released from a los angeles hospital after being injured in a crash last night in west hollywood. police have not yet released details of the crash but said zito was not seriously hurt and he was not at fault. he is still schedule to pitch in the series final game in los angeles on sunday.
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today, san francisco mayor ed lee is unveiling city's plan for getting yachting fans in and around the city during the america's cup. some 200,000 people a day are expected to watch the big race in 2013. the mayor promises to provide smooth service for everyone heading to the big event. that include people on bikes, buses, cars, and even those on foot. and we got reaction to these plans in san francisco this morning. >> it's going to be a crush. i don't see -- there's an awful lot to do here in just a few years. i don't -- you know, it's gonna be a great effort, big effort on the part of people involved. >> san francisco's massive transportation plan include a new streetcar running the length of san francisco's embarcadero. closures on the northern waterfront and all new muni routes will handle the big crowds. environmentalists are worried about the big yacht race and how it could spell disaster for the san francisco
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bay. the concern is about an invasive algae that could attack native seaweed. the fear is the algae could spread when ships are move and algae spores could be released as construction on the piers begin. environmentalists are considering using some sort of netting to protect the wildlife. coming up, a closer look at what is impacting the stock market today. and several very lucky people won something that was just a dream for millions of others.
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talking a big look at wall street, stocks are mixed right now as there was a modest reading on jobless claims and failed to topple upbeat expectations about tomorrow's u.s. payrolls report for march as the quarter quietly draws to a close. also there's a lot of focus on the situation with oil. the price of oil is past $106 a barrel. fighters loyal to gadhafi push back rebels. the dow is currently down three. nasdaq is up five and s&p is flat. you can meet some very lucky people. >> john hilton, here's your share of $319 million! [ cheers and applause ] >> these are the seven new york state employee who put their money together to buy the winning ticket in last week's mega millions jackpot. the face value on the grand
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prize was $319 million but the cash payout is about $200 million and that means after taxes, the seven will each take home about $19 million. it's the fifth-largest jackpot in mega millions history and the largest to have only one winning ticket. uncle sam is giving something away this tax season. the internal revenue service is teaming up with the coalition of tax software companies to offer something called irs free file. it's a way for people who earn $58,000 a year or less to prepare their taxes for free. users will find a list of free file alliance company at the irs website under "free file." three of the companies will offer services in spanish. a pipeline that ruptured beneath a pittsburg road is fixed. it burst yesterday afternoon, creating a sinkhole on railroad avenue and el camino drive. news chopper 2 flew over crews making repairs yesterday. the work was completed late
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last night. all roads have now been reopened. no one in the area lost water service as a result of the rupture. coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, as we reported earlier, a special meeting underway on the big landslide in san pablo. our news crew was at the meeting where the city council is expect to declare a state of emergency. find out what that means for people who live in the slide area and whose homes have been damaged. that story and more coming up in our next newscast. ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thank you for watching. have a great day.
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